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Great Britain Train Services Map

The map shows every hourly National Rail train service in Great Britain. An interesting look at service levels across the country - easily see which parts of the country get more services, and how many services a line has.

Guide to the Map:

Each line is an hourly service (eg: a train running every hour, usually at the same time, or thereabouts, past each hour), colour coded based on its operator and showing which stations it calls at. There are also thin lines, which represent a bi-hourly service (a train which runs once every two hours).

Some stations have a limited service, these are shown as a black circle with a grey dot.

As you can imagine, mapping out every train service in Great Britain is a complex task. As a result only the standard timetable is shown - one-off daily services, occasional extensions to standard services and services which only run during the peak rush hours, are not shown. Otherwise the map would become far too overcrowded.

Services which run at a limited frequency are only shown if they are the only service to call at a station. For example, the Far North Line in the Scottish Highlands only has a handful of services each day, but that's the only service the stations on that line get. Whereas the daily LNER extension from Edinburgh to Inverness is not shown, as the stations along this route are served by the usual ScotRail service. These limited services are shown as a dashed line on the map.

I have tried to keep the map as geographically accurate as possible, however with so many services, it has not always been possible.

Timetable Changes:

I created this map to keep myself occupied over lockdown. I used the most recent timetable - December 2019. The National Rail timetable is changed twice a year in May and December. The May 2020 timetable change never happened due to COVID-19.

With the complexity of trying to work out exact service patterns, if you do spot any mistakes, please let me know and I shall update the map :)

The map is available for you to download free for personal use. If you do want to use it for commercial use, contact me. Also, a few people have requested framed prints of certain areas, which I may look into in the future.


Download the map below:

Also, as you can hopefully tell, this map has taken a lot of hours to complete. I would be massively grateful for any tips, no matter how small. Click below: